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10 Best Liquid CPU Coolers in 2019

ASUS Ryujin 240 Liquid CPU Cooler

The ASUS Ryujin has everything you would want from liquid CPU Cooler – excellent cooling, software and manual control, high-quality materials, noiseless, and full spectrum OLED RGB lights!

upHere Liquid CPU Cooler

Our value pick is definitely the budget-friendly upHere Liquid CPU Cooler with reliable rubber tubing, copper block, and E-shaped design to cool the CPU down effectively and silently.

Corsair Hydro Liquid CPU Cooler

The Corsair Hydro Liquid CPU Cooler is a popular one with the masses. Definitely affordable, our Best Pick is known for its efficiency in cooling CPUs, good quality copper blocks, comfortable fins, and high-quality materials.

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Buyers guide for Best Liquid CPU Cooler 

Central Processing Units (CPUs) need to operate at optimum temperatures to perform their function smoothly. Excessive heat generated by the CPU can cause untold damage to your machine. It can also damage components of the CPU. These components will need to be replaced at regular intervals and may be expensive to procure regularly. Dissipating the excess heat produced is necessary to increase the shelf life of your CPU machine and its parts.

Most computers are built to dissipate excess energy generated by the mechanisms, but with regular use, this efficiency decreases and starts giving heating issues to the users. Keeping computer frequencies high, while simultaneously cooling them down can be an arduous task. CPUs that deliver at efficient levels will function better in the long term. To cool them down, there is a need for a cooling device or mechanism that can dissipate the heat at faster and regular intervals.

Currently, CPU coolers come in either air or liquid form. Both these types of coolers efficiently cool down the CPU. However, this post will deal with liquid CPU Coolers. Before you make any purchase regarding the health and temperatures of your PC, it is always a good idea to research on different products available. Doing this regularly will help you stay updated on the latest developments and help you in making a better selection for your unique needs and requirement.

What does liquid cooling do?

Liquid cooling the CPUs help circumvent the trapped heat sink size limits. It does this by moving large parts of the cooler to a fixed spot in the case that is kept away from the CPU socket. For increased efficiency, the radiator may also be moved to the case to be able to accept cool air from the outside environment.

Liquid cooling in CPUs helps displace cooler weight to decrease the risk associated with damage to the system. Closed loop liquid CPU coolers are able to increase efficiency and productivity to gain maximum output from the entire system.

The liquid CPU cooler from upHere is the most affordable one on our list. However, the functioning and performance of this cooler are excellent. The copper micro-fin block helps reduce coolant temperatures to keep the air flow cool and smooth. The smart cooling fan helps removes excess heat easily and with very little noise. Together, these components deliver a fantastic output every time.

The E-shaped channel of the case enhances circulation of the heat to enlarge the thermal contact and reduce heat energy considerably well. The pre-filled coolant is filled in extremely strong rubber tubing that minimizes the risk of leaking. The large pure copper block helps dissipate heat effectively to keep the CPU cool.


Key features:

  • Copper micro-fin block
  • Reliable rubber tubing
  • E-shape channel case

The Liquid CPU Cooler from Aigo is budget-friendly for all gamers. There are multiple color options for your selection with one button to change RGB colors. You can also set the fan in different modes to help with the visual effects. These modes are fade, flash strobe, and smooth. The CPU socket works with most Intel and AMD platforms.

This model from Aigo features a unique microflow fin design a powerful water pump for greater efficiency, and smart cooling fan to keep CPU temperatures low at all times. The coolant comes pre-filled, and it is easy to install with detailed instructions from the manufacturer.


Key features:

  • RGB LED lights
  • 4 fan selection modes
  • Microflow fin design for greater cooling

The Thermaltake Water 3.0 is an affordable take on expensive liquid CPU coolers. All black, this CPU cooler is an extremely quiet CPU cooler. It works at efficient speeds and does not create a low hum in the background while working. The fan controller controls all the fan lighting, but the mechanism also allows for either a general performance or noiseless performance.

The radiator is a 240 mm high performing one, which is further supported by two 120 mm fans to dissipate heat fast. It also has full copper plates to additionally dissipate heat efficiently. The high-quality pumping system circulates water quicker and keeps the copper plate at low temperatures. Besides, this variant also has a 3-years manufacturer warranty.


Key features:

  • Low-noise
  • High performing radiator
  • Full copper plates

Affordable, the EVGA CLC 280 is one of the best beginner liquid CPU coolers available today. The fans are designed with a view to producing the least noise during operation. The housing unit of the fan is made specially to create dampeners on the acoustics while the blades are designed for optimum cooling. Amateurs can also easily install the EVGA CLC without any difficulties.

The RGB lighting panel allows users to select the color of their choice for the interface and the cooling system. This light also serves as a dual indicator if the system starts getting overheated. Blue color stands for cooling, while red color stands for an overheated system. The copper water block pulls heat from the radiator to aid in active cooling. The EVGA software also allows for control and monitoring of the entire cooling system


Key features:

  • Optimized for lowered acoustics
  • RGB light indicators for cooling and overheating
  • Fully integrated EVGA software

The performance and price of the Corsair Hydro Liquid CPU Cooler are one of the best on our list. This model by Corsair ensures that the coolant evaporation is kept at shallow levels so that the liquid does not leak and cause disruption in other components of the CPU. The custom designed fan works quietly in the background without decreasing the efficiency of the system. The noise to static ratio is maintained to keep noise levels as low as possible to seem like it’s not there.

Made with excellent quality components, the Corsair Liquid CPU Cooler has a cold plate made from copper with a pre-fitted thermal compound for fantastic conductivity. This version also has an inbuilt Corsair link that allows you to monitor the coolant temperature, adjust the fan speed and customize the lighting directly from the desktop.


Key features:

  • Inbuilt Corsair link
  • Pre-fitted thermal compound
  • Low level of coolant evaporation

The Deep Cool Captain 120EX Liquid CPU Cooler has a single fan with 120 mm radiator mounts. It has a robust and reliable water cooling pump that can also be viewed with visual effects on the box. With LED tubing that lights up with breathtaking impact, the optical glass tubing also shows the circulation of the liquid. The pumping system is powerful enough to keep the copper plate cool at all times during the operations. The copper plate has a pre-applied thermal compound that accelerates the thermal conductivity of the plate to give fantastic results.

This variant has high-density aluminum fins to provide fabulous heat dissipation and keep the CPU cool at all times. It also has anti-explosion rubber pipes to protect the machine during cooling.


Key features:

  • LED lighting
  • high-density aluminum fins
  • anti-explosion rubber piping

The Alphacool Eisbaer Liquid CPU Cooler can be upgraded as and when needed. This CPU cooler is a modularly built robust mechanism that works well with all CPU units. It has classic water-cooling elements that are more powerful and quieter than other AIO mechanics. There is a slight thickness of the blades of fins which help cool tremendous amounts of heat energy when coupled with a low radiator speed.

The Alphacool not only cools the radiator but also graphics cards with great ease. The fins were designed keeping in mind the fact that radiators generate a lot of heat and so the blades use static high pressure to cool down instantly. This design has an all-black look, semi-industrial feel, and sleeved fan cables.


Key features:

  • The thickness of the blades ensures quick cooling
  • Can cool graphics cards
  • All black look

The NZXT Kraken features advanced cooling systems in an all-in-one cooler. With an excellent interface, the Kraken allows users to control all settings with the click of a button. This pump variant is an up to date version that displaces more liquid quietly. Noise and acoustic levels are at a minimum to achieve superior cooling. With the NZXT Kraken, you can now manually tune the fan and pump for independent performance. The fully integrated software allows for a more dynamic and precise operational level.

The 280 mm aluminum radiator allows for robust features. The radiator is operated by two Aer P fans that ensure the machine never gets overheated during operation. The fans are equipped with rubber isolators at the edges to produce 100 CFM airflow. The innovative speed pump design helps the closed loop cooling system operate at highly efficient speeds.


Key features:

  • Aer optimized fan
  • Fully integrated control software
  • Manual tuning for fan and pump for increased optimization

The Cooler Master MLX-D36M is considered one of the best workhorses in liquid CPU cooling. With a 360 mm radiator set up, the whole system gets completely lit with LED RGB lights to give a mesmerizing display. The lighting can be configured through the software that can be monitored from the PC. The aluminum 360 mm radiator helps remove any additional heat trapped inside the CPU to cool it down with minimal effort or strain on the mechanics.

This machine is known for its dual dissipation to enhance the cooler performance by leaps and bounds. The fans are sturdy and durable and help dissipate heat exceptionally quickly. They are also low-noise with a very low hum in the background that is practically drowned out by most sounds.


Key features:

  • Sleek look and design
  • 360 mm radiator
  • LED RGB lighting

The ASUS Ryujin is a gamers dream with a full-color OLED panel for full spectrum visually appealing lights on the case and panel. This machine delivers real-time statistics and personalized logos and animations through the ASUS software. This software can easily be installed on the computer for ease of access. The fans are industrial-grade 2000 rpm that reduce noise levels to lesser than a hum.

The micro fan inside the case helps maximize the cooling output to greater heights than ever before. While this model from ASUS is slightly more expensive than the rest, it is an absolute value-for-money for anyone wishing to get a superior performance output from their CPU cooling system.


Key features:

  • Full-color OLED lights
  • Industrial grade fans
  • Value for money